HMATW - A Night At Whisky Mist

Here's your opportunity to meet HMATW and party with them! If you live in London,make sure to come! :D


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DANCING Queen Kimberley Wyatt says she’s not going to take any prisoners during the new series of Got To Dance.The former Pussycat Doll has been sharpening her claws for the audition stages of the Sky1 show.

And she laughed: “Watch out, the bitch is back!”

We caught up with the sex kitten to get all the behind-the-scenes gossip ahead of this Sunday’s launch show.Kimberley won herself a reputation for being an ice-maiden during the first series as she refused to be melted by sob stories and ruled with an iron fist.

And the babe says she’s just as tough second time around.
“I stick with the truth and honesty,” she said. “If that comes across as tough and bitchy then so what? That’s life. People will just have to get over it.

“I never go into the show having decided that I am going to be the nasty judge.I just say what I see and what I think.”

Kimberley will rejoin fellow judges Adam Garcia and Ashley Banjo, along with host Davina McCall, 42.And she admits she couldn’t wait to see “her boys” after nearly a year apart.

“We spent most of the first day just catching up with what we have all been up to,” she said. “They make me laugh so much, the giggles never stop. It feels so good being back with them.”

Got To Dance, Sky1, Sunday, 6pm.



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Kimberly's longtime leg stretch

Kimberly Wyatt has revealed she has been practising since she was seven years old to be able to stretch her leg over head.

The former Pussycat Doll and Got To Dance judge has made the flexible move her signature pose and dance move and hopes it will inspire others to take up ballet, where she learned to do it.

Kimberly said: "It's tough because it's inspired by some and criticised by others. But I've worked at being able to do that since I was seven years old, through a lot of ballet practice, so I'm very proud of the fact that my ballet basis of dancing is so famous."

The 28-year-old singer releases new single Stars In Your Eyes, with her new band Her Majesty And The Wolves, on January 10 and said she is pleased to have moved on from the Pussycat Dolls.

Kimberly revealed: "I feel free. I'm very happy. I feel like you have one life to live and being self-expressed is such a huge priority that I take quite seriously in my life.

"If I'm not growing then I'm not happy and this project gives me a chance to grow in so many ways: It's challenging, I feel like I get personal victories every day from just trying new things and facing things that maybe don't feel quite as natural but just going for it and putting my heart and soul into Her Majesty And The Wolves."



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Honest judge Kimberly Wyatt

Kimberly Wyatt says she is not worried about upsetting contestants on 'Got To Dance', as she is just being ''honest''.

Kimberly Wyatt doesn't care if she is a "tough and b****y" judge on 'Got To Dance'.

The former Pussycat Dolls star insists she will continue to speak truthfully to hopefuls at the audition stage of the Sky1 dance programme, even if it is upsetting for them to hear.

She said: "I stick with the truth and honesty. If that comes across as tough and b****y then so what? That's life. People will just have to get over it.

"I never go into the show having decided I am going to be the nasty judge. I just say what I see and what I think."

Kimberly is delighted to return to the show as it means she gets to spend time with fellow judges Ashley Banjo and Adam Garcia again.

She added to the Daily Star newspaper: "We spent most of the first day just catching up with what we have all been up to.

"They make me laugh so much, the giggles never stop. It feels so good being back with them."

'Got To Dance' returns to Sky1 on Sunday (02.01.11).



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Kimberly Birthday Project

Kimberly Birthday Project!
Kimberly's birthday is coming soon so we (Joe, Lisa and Team Wyatt) decided that we need to do something special for Kim this year.The idea is to make a birthday book (scrapbook) for Kimberly. Lisa will give the birthday book to Kimberly on Got To Dance live show in February.

To be part of this b-day project,you need to send us a birthday message (letter)or picture of you with Happy Birthday Kimberly sign or video of yourself saying wishes and anything you want to say to Kim.You can also send graphics,birthday cards that you made etc.

Also if you're shy and don't want to send video only because of that,keep on mind that only Kimberly will see it,it won't be uploaded on youtube or anywhere else online.

The letters you send will be written in the book (Lisa will do that part) and the videos,graphics and pictures will be on special cd disc that will Kim receive together with the book. Kimberly will see and read everything you send :)

1.Send videos,pics,graphics or messages to
2.Deadline is January 29th.
3.If you want to send video,it shouldn't be longer then 1 min.Formats should be .avi or .mp4
4.If you send picture of you,it has to have some sign with happy bday or something like that.
5.The letters you send shouldn't be too long,but they shouldn't be too short either.Feel free to write anything you want and of course you have to include b-day wishes as well.
6.There's no specific size of graphics,just be creative and do whatever you want.

If you have any questions just ask!

Help us spread the word and tell all the fans about the project.Post it around fan sites,forums, twitter, facebook etc.Kimberly deserves the best and the biggest birthday project so lets show our support and love!


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Kimberly Wyatt Planning 'Pop Fairytale'

Kimberly Wyatt says her new pop act Her Majesty And The Wolves will be a ''postmodern pop fairytale''.

Kimberly Wyatt wants her new musical project to be a "postmodern pop fairytale".

The former Pussycat Dolls star is now a member of pop duo Her Majesty And The Wolves with producer Spencer Nezey, and has revealed she has very specific and ambitious ideas about what their sound and live shows should be like.

She said: "I don't want to give too much of it up, but I have ideas for costumes, I'm meeting with costumes designers. I want to make a new world, I want to create an experience which is very theatrical. It will be a postmodern fairytale of pop. We are the lead characters in the fairytale, it's along the lines of Tim Burton's 'A Nightmare Before Christmas'."

Although Her Majesty And The Wolves are comprised of Kimberly and Spencer, the 28-year-old blonde - who quit the Pussycat Dolls in February - says they will be joined by backing dancers on stage.

In an exclusive interview with BANG Showbiz, Kimberly explained: "There will be dancers at some point. It will come together organically.

"We're creating a platform for everything to come, right now I'm focused on the look of things, everything I'm telling you is what I see in my head, what it will actually be, you'll have to wait and see."

Her Majesty And The Wolves' debut single, 'Stars In your Eyes' is released on January 3.



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Kimberly chats to Digital Spy about Got To Dance

Every great talent show needs great judges and with ex-Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt, Sky1's Got To Dance found an absolute corker. Not only is she a stunning dancer and easy on the eye, but she also knows how to inspire, critique and dish out the put-downs. We caught up with Kimberly early this year to chat about the upcoming second series. Click 'play' below to watch our backstage interview:



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New Live To Dance promos!


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Kimberly Wyatt reveals celebrity crush

Kimberly Wyatt thinks late Hollywood actor James Dean “embodies sexiness”.

The 28-year-old singer and dancer shot to fame in the Pussycat Dolls, and is now establishing herself in new band Her Majesty & The Wolves.

Kimberly has been getting in the Christmas spirit lately and considering who she would most like to smooch under the mistletoe, with her final conclusion being that a now-deceased Hollywood heartthrob would be a good catch.

“James Dean if he were alive because he just embodies sexiness,” she told the British edition of OK! magazine.

James tragically passed away at the age of just 24 in 1955, having achieved an iconic status in the drama Rebel Without a Cause. He continues to be regarded as one of the most handsome men in history thanks to his chiselled bone structure and brooding features.

Rather than snuggling up to James this Christmas, Kimberly is looking forward to spending time with her current squeeze Kevin Schmidt instead. She will also keep her beloved pet pooch company on December 25.

“I’ll probably go to my boyfriend’s parents’ house and spend it with his family. Then I’ll come home and spend it with my dog, Cupid,” she explained.



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Kimberly in OK! magazine

Got to Dance judges Kimberley and Adam in Ok Magazine out today. It was such a fun shoot with lots of giggles! I used plenty of eyelashes with a lick of liquid eyeliner and a splash of my favourite Mac lipstick in Russian Red!


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HMATW to perform on Lorraine (TV Show)

Former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt and MC Spencer Nezey, who have formed dance duo Her Majesty & the Wolves, perform their new single Stars in Your Eyes. Plus, chat, features and showbiz gossip with Lorraine Kelly

Category :

Channel : ITV1

Date : Wed 5 Jan

Time : 8:30am - 9:25am
Duration : 55 minutes



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GTD Superhero Shoot - New photo!

New photo from GTD photoshoot!


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HMATW interview with MuuMuse

In case you haven’t heard, Kimberly Wyatt‘s transformed from a pussycat into a wolf.

Since the official dissolution of The Pussycat Dolls last year, the leggy blonde bombshell has embarked on a variety of exciting new ventures, including a judging role on the UK’s Got To Dance and a smash hit feature on Aggros Santos infectious springtime single, “Candy.”

But perhaps most exciting of all her current endeavors is Her Majesty & The Wolves, a dance-based musical partnership struck up between Wyatt and former member of electro-pop duo Jupiter Rising, Spencer Nezey. After the release of a buzz single (“Glaciers”), the duo premiered their first official single in November: “Stars In Your Eyes,” a thumping space-pop affair.

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to ask Kimberly and Spencer a few questions about their hotly anticipated collaboration, which is set to explode in 2011. If you couldn’t tell from the steadily increasing amount of exclamation marks contained in each of their answers, they’re pretty excited about it. LET’S DO THIS!!!

Can you tell us something more about the Her Majesty & The Wolves album? Is it completed, or are tracks still being written/recorded?

Kim: The album is done!! We just finished it last night actually! It feels like an album that can be played from beginning to end with no stops. Every song has a life of its own with infectious beats, honest lyrics, and interludes that keep the musical experience flowing.

Spencer: The album is completed and sounds amazing!! Just about every genre of dance is covered from top to bottom!

There was a mixtape released prior to “Glaciers,” your buzz single, which featured tons of tracks that were said to inspire your sound. What music is currently inspiring you at the moment? (New or old!)

Kim: Music that inspires me is Postal Service, Sia, Ladyhawke, Deadmau5, Temper Trap, Swedish House Mafia, Imogen Heap, and I’ve been playing a lot of Phoenix lately!

Spencer: The music that currently inspires me: A Tribe Called Quest, Swedish House Mafia, Kanye West, Wu-Tang, and old disco records by various artists!

Why did you select “Stars In Your Eyes” as the first single?

Kim: “Stars In Your Eyes” felt like the perfect introductory song from Her Majesty and the Wolves to the pop world. It’s fun, energetic, and infectious!!

Spencer: “Stars In Your Eyes” was chosen as the first single because it was a no-brainer, good feeling dance record. And Kim and I felt like it was a great song to introduce Her Majesty & The Wolves to the world.

How was the experience of shooting the song’s video? Loved seeing Ashley Roberts featured in there–girl power!

Kim: Justin Harder and his team shot everything with green screen and edited the footage using Mya and After Effects which is time consuming and tedious!! It was a process that took a lot of trust!! I had a lot of fun every step of the way even though it was hard to imagine what it was to become when shooting in front of a green screen the whole time!! Having Ashley there just seemed right. She is a friend I love and trust, and as I start the next chapter of my life I wanted her to be a part of the journey with me!!

Spencer: Video shoot was great. A lot of time, sweat, tears, and talent went into making the video. It was good times with good friends.

Are there plans for the single to be released worldwide, or just in the UK for now?

Kim: Our plan right now is to release in the UK and release around the world when the timing makes the most sense!! I have fans all over the world, I think about them when I write music, and I hope that it reaches them too!!

Spencer: As of right now the plan is to push “Stars In Your Eyes” in the UK and continue throughout Europe until we reach worldwide domination!

Have you begun thinking about a second single? Any hints?

Kim: There are so many great songs to choose from it’s hard to pick a second single!! But what a great problem to have!!

Spencer: As of right now, it’s a tough call to determine what the second single is because there are so many great records on this album! But whichever song it is, it’s going to be dope.

Are you going to perform with Her Majesty & The Wolves on Got To Dance this year?

Kim: If I have it my way I will be!!!

Spencer: Very strong possibility!!!

Are you planning a tour?

Kim: We are planning on touring!!! I want to perform at the festivals, outdoors, and under the moon!! That’s my hope anyway!!

Spencer: Touring is definitely in our near future plans. Considering we made this album to play festivals all around the world!!!!

Which artists would you love to collaborate with? Are there any upcoming collaborations in the works for the album?

Kim: We are having fun with collaborations in remixes!! Sidney Sampson, Fulton Yard, and Roksonix to name a few!

Spencer: I would personally love to collaborate with Swedish House Mafia and The Neptunes! We decided not to have any collaborations on this album so that people could directly identify with us and our sound.

Kimberly, are you still working on solo album? If not, what will happen to songs like “Kiss and Tell” and “Getaway”?

Kim: I feel that both songs were a big part of me finding my voice and sound, but unfortunately they won’t be on the album.

What’s different about your experience recording as Her Majesty & The Wolves compared to The Pussycat Dolls experience?

Kim: The difference is that I get to write and record as well as choreograph, design, and create stories told through pictures.

How does the reception differ between the UK and US audience? Kimberly, do you feel more warmly accepted in England because of Got To Dance?

Kim: I have always felt a lot of support and love from the UK and in return am inspired by their music culture, fashion, and dance. Got to Dance has given me the opportunity to have a voice and give back to the community that has molded me into the person I am today.

Finally, what can we expect to hear and see from Her Majesty & The Wolves in 2011?

Kim: Audio and Visual stories inspired by our lives through infectious beats, beautiful melodies and a fresh perspective.


Thank you VERY much, Her Majesty & The Wolves. I’m anxiously awaiting the new tunes, and wish you loads of luck in all your future endeavors!



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Stars In Your Eyes - Digital Spy review

If Kimberly Wyatt's 'Candy' collab with Aggro Santos from earlier this year taught us anything, it's that she has it in her to become the next Dannii Minogue. Not only does she already have a judging spot on a primetime talent show, but having teamed up with with hip producer Spencer Nezey under the guise of Her Majesty & The Wolves, she's clearly got a keen ear for dance music too. No, we don't quite understand the name either, but for some reason it gets us all kinds of excited.

Rather than being drafted in simply to fulfil chorus duties, this time Kimbo takes on the lion's share of the track, informing us that she won't be evacuating the dancefloor "until I see the sun" - and with grime-cum-trancey beats backed by slick disco production courtesy of Nezey, we can see why she's holding her ground. The result may not be as instant as her former hook-up, but while we wait in hope of Minogue, D's return, this will keep us more than satisfied.


Released on Monday, January 3 2011
By Robert Copsey, Music Reporter


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EQ interview with Kimberly! - "Expect The Unexpected..."

Earlier this year, the UK was formally introduced to Kimberly Wyatt who stepped out of The Pussycat Dolls shadow to become a celebrity judge on Sky 1's hit TV program "Got To Dance". Kimberly proved to be brutally honest on the show which garnered her some massive attention (both positive and negative) from the UK press. One thing for sure though, if anyone could tell potential new dancers what the world of dance is REALLY like - Kimberly Wyatt was your go-to girl.

Despite having been the most critical judge on "Got To Dance", Kimberly Wyatt remains a powerful new force in pop music with her Pussycat Doll pedigree and her masterful skills as a world-class top notch dancer. Together with Spencer Nezey of Jupiter Rising, the duo have now formed the incredible new electro-pop outfit called Her Majesty & The Wolves. I for one am ecstatic about what I am hearing so far in way of their new single "Stars In Your Eyes" and Kimberly's top five single "Candy" with Aggro Santos still remains one of my favourite songs of 2010 as well.

I recently caught up with Kimberly Wyatt on the phone in Los Angeles to talk about the Her Majesty & The Wolves project, our mutual love for "Got To Dance" contestant Matthew Koon, stepping out on her own into the solo spotlight and what she really thinks of Nicole Scherzinger's new single "Poison".

EQ Interview with Kimberly Wyatt from EQ Video on Vimeo.

"Stars In Your Eyes" by Her Majesty & The Wolves is released in January and you can learn more about the amazing duo on their official website. Enjoy the interview!



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New BM blog - Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

The Her Majesty and the Wolves album is done!!! I am so proud of this beautiful fantasy that is finally coming to fruition! An album filled with experiences, reflections, dreams, and ambitions with a message of truth from two different perspectives. Life's journey inspired the connection between two ordinary people with extraordinary ideas. Out comes an experience filled with magic fairy dust and infectious beats. I couldn't be happier!

Manifesting desires is a very personal journey filled with great ups and great downs. I've been pushing forward through life's grey fog of doubt with the burning light of passion as my flashlight. Surrendering to the square peg of fear not fitting in the round hole of destiny is life. I deal by feeding the monster love, hope, and compassion whilst allowing God's plan to show me the way. The grounding work is finding the right fit in life's game of connection.

I feel like life has whisked me away into whirlwinds of personalities, perspectives, insecurities, and fears that comes with every new interaction. But the relationship that follows takes time and so you push through any uncomfortability to find the answer you are looking for. Confidence in yourself is built by seeking out your own direction in life and trusting it will come. Embracing the person you are during the process and doing the work to better the characteristics of your own personality is the work of life!!

Leave a comment: HERE


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New Vlog - BM Beauty - Behind The Scenes

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Stars In Your Eyes - Behind The Scenes (Got To Dance)

Catch Kimberly,Spencer and Ashley on set of Stars In Your Eyes!
Click on image to see the video.Credit to PCDworld :)


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Kimberly - Never Mind The BuzzCocks - FULL EPISODE


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Got To Dance - Warm Up show

Full episode! Credit to PCDworld! (Click on image to see the video)


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Got To Dance - New promo photo (LQ scan)

Credit to Tori :)


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HMATW photoshoot UPDATE


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HMATW album is finished!

Our final moments of tracking vocals and editing for the @HMATW album... A celebratory toast! COMING 2011!!!


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Stars In Your Eyes (Fred Card Remix) - Video

The Fred Card remix of Stars In Your Eyes will be available to download together with Stars In Your Eyes - EP on January 10th.


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Got To Dance: It’s Back!

It’s finally time to dust down those dancing shoes and brush up on your signature moves – Got To Dance is back for a second series!

With more live shows and a jaw dropping £250,000 cash prize, this year is set to be bigger and better than ever. But don’t just take our word for it - judges Adam Garcia, Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Banjo reveal why they are looking forward to starting the search for Britain and Ireland’s best new dance act all over again…


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Kimberly Wyatt's Christmas Moments

Former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt made quite an impact as a judge on the first series of Sky1's Got To Dance.

But she mellows for us as she talks about what's got her excited this Christmas.

Her tough talking reduced a few pirouetting hopefuls to tears, but her firm, fair approach has ensured her return for series two of the talent search, which starts in January.

Once again Kimberly will team up with Adam Garcia, Diversity's Ashley Banjo and host Davina McCall, as they search for the best dancer in the UK – who will win the UK's biggest prize pay-out, of a quarter of a million pounds.

Kimberly, originally from Missouri, moved to New York aged 17 after winning a place at a prestigious ballet school. She was offered a place in the Pussycat Dolls after being spotted dancing in a music video and appearing in films like Starsky & Hutch.

The feisty 28-year-old now lives in Los Angeles with her actor boyfriend, Kevin Schmidt. And she's most definitely a fan of the festive season!

What are you most looking forward to watching this Christmas – what will you be Sky Plus-ing?
I'm really looking forward to watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey – it's one of my favourites. One of my funniest Christmas memories is watching it at home with my family and our own Christmas tree falling over during the movie!

What are your Christmas viewing habits and traditions – is there something you watch every year?
I always get out all the old Christmas movies, like Elf, Scrooged, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and watch those again.

What has been your top Christmas TV highlight of all time?
It would have to be The Charlie Brown Christmas Special, which I remember watching when I was young.

Which is your favourite festive film?
The Santa Clause with Tim Allen – I love it! And It’s A Wonderful Life, too.

What's your favourite festive TV dinner – what Christmas food do you nibble on in front of the box?
I have such a sweet tooth, so when Christmas comes I make cookies and eat them warm with a cold glass of milk. Santa usually gets my crumbs!

What was your best – and worst – ever Christmas present?
My best Christmas present was a red go-cart for me and my brothers and sister to share. And the worst would have to be a Christmas sweater from my grandma. It had the heads of two horses on the front and the sleeves were the horses' manes with bits of yarn hanging off from shoulder to wrist. Love you grandma!

What will you be hoping for in your stocking this year?
I'm hoping for some 3D films, because I just got a 3D TV and need some movies to enjoy watching on it.

What do you like best about Christmas?
I love that everyone is in the giving spirit at Christmas. It's quite magical!



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New pics from 'Live To Dance'


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New BM blog "Questions"

A whole new life has swept my own up in a whirlwind and spun me through questions, insecurities, and triumph. I face challenges almost everyday with my feet on the ground and my spirit open to positive change through growth and humility. I feel overwhelmed with travel, loneliness, and the want to do great things. Trusting that this path will lead to the fun visions I see in my head is what keeps me going. I lead my life with love and compassion hoping that if I put in the work, it will pay off. Trusting that my morals and beliefs will manifest fun things.

Dream and Believe!!

Make sure to leave a comment here: Beautiful Movements :)


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New Got To Dance promo!


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Kimberly on Never Mind The Buzzcocks

This is just sneak peek! The full show will air soon! Stay updated,and hopefully we'll get the full episode online! :)


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BM beaty on Facebook! New photos! HQ

All pics are HQ so if you wanna see the full size,just click on them! :)

Join BM beauty make-up on facebook: CLICK HERE!

Full launch of BM beauty is expected to be in January 2011 and the site is coming soon! :)


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Exclusive: Kimberly Wyatt promises "theatrical" LP

Kimberly Wyatt have revealed that her new album will be "theatrical".

The former Pussycat Dolls singer, who has since teamed up with producer Spencer Neezy to form Her Majesty And The Wolves, said that the pair are working on a concept record which she believes will be "huge".

Discussing the LP with Digital Spy, she said: "[It's] a bigger-than-life, post-modern fairytale of pop music. It's theatrical and lends itself to amazing live shows, but it also has a DJ world element twisted into it. It's huge in my imagination!"

Neezy added: "What we've released so far is a segue into what the rest of the album will sound like. It's a very grandiose concept album."

Describing the sound of the upcoming record, Neezy explained: "We're not setting out to make a specific sound. I guess generally speaking it's structured dance music that focuses on lyrics."

Her Majesty And The Wolves release their new single 'Stars In Your Eyes' on January 10.

Source: DigitalSpy


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Wyatt's Up? [Kimberly Interview with Got To Dance]


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HMATW interview with DigitalSpy

When Kimberly Wyatt released 'Candy' with Aggro Santos earlier this year, we had a feeling we hadn't seen the last of her electro-rap-pop ways. On that note, allow us to introduce Her Majesty And The Wolves, her new project with songwriter-cum-knob-twiddling boff Spencer Neezy. Having already teased the dancefloors with 'Glaciers' earlier this year, they're now gearing up for their first major release, 'Stars In Your Eyes', in 2011. Intrigued, we phoned the pair to find out more.

How would you describe your debut single, 'Stars In Your Eyes'?
Kim: "It's our first pop single to show everybody what we're about and the kind of music we make, so hopefully everybody will love it - it's very catchy and it's got a driving chorus that will send you dancing wherever you are. We think it's the perfect song to start out with!"

You previously released a futuristic viral video for the song 'Glaciers'. Are you keen to keep to that style?
Kim: "We worked with this director called Jess who's very strong and has a vision in her head which is, at points, completely crazy! We were willing though to just have fun and step into her world and live in it. I feel like this collaboration as a whole has some incredible visuals that will really get people talking - when art's interesting and it's talked about, it's a job well done."
Spencer: "Our next video is a much bigger production and it's essentially about how the world was created. It's completely different to 'Glaciers'."

How did your collaboration come about?
Kim: "It was at a time when I was working on solo material and a friend of mine introduced me to Spencer to see what would happen between us. We really vibed in the studio and I loved the kind of music he made. I left feeling like it was the best session I'd had in the entire year I'd been working. Two weeks later Spencer called me back to ask if I wanted to be part of his act and I was so excited! It just felt so right and exactly what I needed to do."

It's very different from your music with the Pussycat Dolls. Was that intentional?
Kim: "I can't say that it was intentional - I was just wanting to make music I was proud of. It was me finding my way in the industry and it led me here, and I was happy with that! He's been the biggest influence on me yet."
Spencer: "Aww, thanks! It was a very natural thing actually. I'd been working on my own project for three years as well as producing for other artists. I'd been working with Cathy Dennis and Ryan Tedder, and Her Majesty And The Wolves just came about organically from that. The universe just put us together for whatever reason!"

Who came up with the band name?
Kim: "After we decided to work together I was at his apartment all the time just finding inspiration and trying to come up with a name for us. We must have written down a million things before we came up with the final one. One day Spencer came up with Her Majesty And The Wolves and I just sat there stunned for a minute thinking how big the music could be and the visual opportunities that went with it."

How far along with the album are you?
Spencer: "We recorded a lot of music in July this year - about seven tracks actually - and since then another six. It's not coming out until next year, so we want to keep on creating. You never know where your next inspiration is going to come from. We're about 70% there I'd say."

Do the songs you've released so far reflect the album's sound?
Spencer: "What we've released so far is a segue into what the rest of the album will sound like. It's a very grandiose concept album."

What's the concept?
Kim: "A bigger than life, post-modern fairytale of pop music. It's theatrical and lends itself to amazing live shows, but it also has a DJ world element twisted into it. It's huge in my imagination!"

How would you describe your sound?
Spencer: "I think any sort of music you make that's intriguing and interesting and catches people's attention naturally falls into the category of pop. If that's what it falls into, that's cool. There's an undertone to our music that connects it all together, but we're not setting out to make a specific sound. I guess generally-speaking It's structured dance music that focuses on lyrics."

Would you consider collaborating with other artists?
Spencer: "We're definitely into that. We have a very similar music taste - Florence and the Machine would be great, as would Empire of the Sun..."
Kim: "They're amazing! I'd love to work with Ladyhawke and Sia too."

Kim, have you heard any of the other Dolls' solo material yet?
Kim: "I haven't really heard anyone else's solo projects yet - a lot of what's come out has only leaked onto the internet in demo form. What I've heard though is amazing. Melody has been working so hard - she has a powerhouse voice and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. Jessica's into her house music and I think she's planning to release at some point too. We're all very different, so it's great to see us branching out!"

You're filming a new series of Got To Dance at the moment. Are you pleased to see dance filtering through onto this year's X Factor?
Kim: "I think it's fantastic! Brian Friedman is a close friend of mine now, which is amazing because I remember when I used to do his dance instruction video as a kid! I know how talented he is and I'm so proud of him. His production makes the music comes to life - for me that's what it's all about, creating an experience."

Her Majesty And The Wolves release 'Stars In Your Eyes' on January 10.

Source: Digital Spy


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