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Hi to all visitors of this blog! Thank you everyone for all support! I'm doing my best to keep you updated with everything Kim and Spencer are doing lately but unfortunately I'm really really busy these days so i haven't posted anything new in a while. The blog will be back really soon with new design and all the news! I'm still updating our facebook profile daily so make sure to check it out!

Keep supporting HMATW! We are back really soon!

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New HMATW song teaser!

It's the same song they were working on when they did that ustream few months ago! Sounds AMAZING! Thanks to Kevin Schmidt for using this clip in his vlog! See the original video with Kevin here.

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Live To Dance: Kim's interview with DancePlug

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Kimberly - DayBreak USA - Radio interview

Kim did few interviews on US radios in last few days to promote Live To Dance! So far this is the only one that appeared online,if I find more of them I'll post them :)

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Live To Dance - Episode 4

Only Kim's parts - (Credit UltimateDolls.net)

Full episode coming soon!

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Flipcam clips from the UK trip!

Part 1 -Behind The Scenes of rehearsals and Daybreak performance

Part 2 - Behind The Scenes of Lorraine and News Of the World performance! (You can hear new song Spinning Circles!!!)

*NOTE* HMATW performed 3 songs on News On The Wold (Spinning Circles,Emerald Showers & Stars In Your Eyes) and it should be online very soon!

Could 'Spinning Circles' or 'Emerald Showers' be the 2nd & the 3rd singles from upcoming album? We'll find out soon!


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The Battlefront Show - Ep12 w/ Kimberly Wyatt

Clip of Kimberly & Kaya on Battlefront for Natural Beauty Campaign in Westfield center in London.

*If you listen carefully,you can hear new HMATW song "Emerald Showers" in the background from 1:44*

Full show will air on t4 on Sunday,23rd January so make sure to tune in!

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Got To Dance - Episode 5 & 6 (FULL)

Episode 5 (Click on the pic to see it)

Episode 6 (Click on pic to see it)

Thanks to PCDworld.co.uk for recording and uploading full episodes so all of us can see them!

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HMATW - BBC Humberside Radio interview

Part 2 coming soon!

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BM Beauty - First Tutorial


Also check out more pics/screen caps of tutorial on our facebook page.

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Live To Dance - Episode 3 (First Live show)

Just Kim's parts:


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Ask Kimberly Wyatt! (Got To Dance)


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Kimberly Wyatt - I'm No Ms Nasty (DailyStar)

SHE’S the straight-talking judge who takes no prisoners on Sky’s Got To Dance talent show, but don’t dare label Kimberly Wyatt the female answer to Simon Cowell.

The former Pussycat Dolls star tells it like it is on the hit TV dance contest, but she insists that doesn’t make her cruel or nasty to hopefuls.

“It blows my mind that people compare me to Simon Cowell,” explains Kimberly.

“I don’t see myself as nasty. I just pull from my own experiences as a competition kid and what helped me graduate as a dancer.

“It was the constructive criticism that I got from judges that helped me and even if I didn’t win a competition, at least I had their knowledge to take with me and help me grow.

“I’m in the show for the dancers, not to create a Cowell-style personality. I’m giving my absolute all honesty.”

She may look like a million dollars, but a lifetime spent contorting her body on the dancefloor has left Kimberley battered and bruised.

“I’m like the Evel Knievel of dancing,” the 28-year-old laughs.

“My left toe has been broken for many years. It won’t bend at all. I’ve got tendonitis in my knees and my hips are eroding. It’s part of being a dancer and you just have to push through it.”

Since quitting the Pussycat Dolls the Californian cutie has made the UK her home from home, forging a new career as one half of a brand new musical duo called Her Majesty And The Wolves.

“Music is what brought me to London in the first place, fans go crazy for music here and I wanted to be engulfed in that.

“I love UK artists like Tinie Tempah and Florence And The Machine, so spending time here and working on music is where it all started,” gushes the multi-talented performer.

“I was trying to find my next journey and discover who I was outside of the Pussycat Dolls. A friend of mine hooked me up with musician Spencer Nezey and we vibed straight away. My solo project graduated into a duo.

“Her Majesty And The Wolves allows me to connect the pop world with the DJ world. It’s about using your imagination and seeing where it can take you.”

The band’s first single Stars In Your Eyes is out this week and the video features an old friend PCD fans may recognise.

“Ashley from the Pussycat Dolls is in the video,” reveals Kim. “She and I have been close friends since even before the Pussycat Dolls so it felt right to have my friend with me.

“I think that’s what Her Majesty And The Wolves represents – having fun and sharing a pool of talent. Having Ashley in the video was like my farewell to the Dolls and hello to my new life.”

Although the Pussycat Dolls days are over for Kimberly, there’s no hard feelings and she’s still in contact with them.

"We travelled the world together and shared so many experiences,” she says.

“Everyone is super-busy and concentrating on their own musical adventures. Jessica has released a song, Melody is working on new music – she’s just such a powerhouse, Ashley’s been acting and obviously Nicole has her solo career too.”

With her own make-up range called Beautiful Movements about to hit the shops, TV shows on both sides of the Atlantic and a new band raring to tour, there’s little time for love.

“Boys are too scared to talk to me anyway,” she sighs.

“If anything being in the Pussycat Dolls was very intimidating for guys. We created an atmosphere which got rid of the guys and brought in the girly fun.

“Now I’m on my own I think I seem much more approachable than being surrounded by five other girls.

“It’s worked in my favour in some aspects.”

● Stars In Your Eyes is out now. Got To Dance is on Sky1, Sundays.


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SB.TV - Her Majesty and the Wolves Interview

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Got To Dance: Episode 3 & 4



Credit to PCDworld.co.uk for videos!

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BM Beauty site launched!


We have had so much fun developing a make up brand that we love and hope that you will love it too! Our aim was to create a collection of products that will allow you to create a million different beautiful faces. From the day time natural look of an Earthy Princess to the sultry sophistication of Starry Eyed Glamour!

But the tools aren't enough without the know-how. We've put together a series of 'how to' tutorials to help you to create the perfect look. Our website is a place where you can find all the latest products, watch our tutorials and share your thoughts and ideas. We'd love to hear from you!

So what makes BM Beauty make up so great? Well here are just a few reasons. Firstly, it's cruelty free. We're proud to say that our products have the stamp of approval from the BUAV. BM Beauty make up is also free from bismuth oxychloride, parabens, nano particles and synthetic dyes and fragrances.

It's also good for your skin! Our mineral foundations contain zinc oxide which is a natural anti-inflammatory which is great for spot prone skin. BM Beauty make up is lightweight and allows your skin to breathe. You can create a flawless complexion without clogging pores and causing further breakouts. Skin perfection with a 'no make up' feel. What could be better?

We also decided to ditch animal hair brushes in favour of super soft synthetic alternatives. It all helps to keep the karmic balance in check!

We're so happy that you've joined us from the very start of this new and exciting journey. Stay tuned....this is just the beginning!!

BM Beauty.....the dream begins!


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Her Majesty & The Wolves - EP released on US iTunes

Her Majesty & The Wolves - EP was just released on US iTunes! US fans,make sure to buy it! Here's the tracklist:
1.Stars In Your Eyes (Fred Card Remix)- 4:13 - $0.99
2.Stars In Your Eyes (Sidney Samson Remix)- 5:49 - $0.99
3.Glaciers (Roksonix Remix)- 4:37 - $0.99
4.Glaciers (Radio Edit) - 4:00 - $0.99
5.Glaciers (Music video) - 4:04 - $1.49

Buy it HERE!


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Wyatt: Now I can write my own music

Kimberly Wyatt loves working with new band Her Majesty and The Wolves as she is able to write and perform her own music.

The former Pussycat Doll has teamed up with producer, songwriter and MC Spencer Nezey on the new project and is enjoying producing her own work, as she reveals she never had the chance when she was with the girl band.

Kimberly said: "I didn't really get to get into the studio with the Pussycat Dolls, I didn't get to write, I didn't get to do all the things I wanted to.

"And so with this it's like I'm accepted as really part of the project and part of the process and part of the album and everything, which is what I was looking for."

The 28-year-old singer and dancer, whose new single Stars In Your Eyes is out now, says music with her new band is more representative of her true self.

She said: "It's definitely more representative of my likes and interests and music as well as Spencer's.

"We hit it off. We talked about similar interests in life and morals and how we handle ourselves and we put that as well as our musical interests together and I think that's really the heart and soul of our project."

Kimberly is a professionally trained dancer and a judge on talent show Got To Dance, so when she is writing music she is thinking about what will be good to dance to.

She revealed: "When I listen to music I definitely see dance visions in my head. That's always been part of me and a big test of what music works is something that makes me move."

And here's the interview with Spencer & Kim! :)



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Her Majesty & The Wolves royal interview

Her Majesty and the Wolves honour Virgin Red Room with a royal meeting, as Rich Clarke sits down for a rooftop chat with the duo.

He quizzes Kimberly Wyatt on her Pussycat Dolls past and how she formed Her Majesty & The Wolves with Spencer Nezey.

The pair reveal all about new single 'Stars In Your Eyes' and its Tron-like video.

Rich tests their royal protocol, and finds out about their Burton-esque fairytale live shows.


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Her Majesty and the Wolves on 2BR

Her Majesty and the Wolves on 2BR by 2BR

Huge thanks to radio presenter who uploaded it for the all HMATW fans outside of UK!


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Add HMATWteam on Facebook and check out HUGE gallery

Add me on FACEBOOK and you'll get all the latest updates! Gallery is updated daily! Check out all the pics of Kimberly,Spencer & HMATW performing,behind the scenes,out on street,personal pics,pics from photoshoots and many more!

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Kimberly Wyatt Tells all...

Former PussyCat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt, talks to Female First about Got to Dance, Aggro Santos and her new band, Her Magesty and the Wolves.

How did the duo Her Majesty and the Wolves come about?

Spencer and I met through a friend and connected right away.

Your debut single 'Stars in Your Eyes' is set for release in 2011, how would you describe the track?

Stars in Your Eyes is an infectious dance song that's fun and a great introduction to the rest of the album!

How would you describe your overall sound?

Our sound is a melting pot of pop, dance, house, and dub step with beautiful melodies and honest lyrics.

It's a very different sound from the Pussycat Dolls, was that intentional?

I experimented with pop music similar to the Dolls but my intention was to make music that I love and it lead me to Her Majesty & the Wolves.

After being a member of a band, how are you finding being away from the rest of the Pussycat Dolls?

I'm so proud of every accomplishment we had together and I reflect over it often but I'm excited about this new chapter of life!

My Intention was to make music that I love

How did you find working with Aggro Santos on 'Candy'?

Working with Aggro was a lot of fun!

Would you like to work with any other artists in the future?

I'd love to work with Empire of the Sun!

When can we expect to see an album from Her Majesty and The Wolves?

The album is done and being mixed and mastered so expect it early this year!!!

It's quite an unusual name, who came up with it and where did the idea come from?

Spencer and I spent a week hanging out and brainstorming ideas. Spencer suggested it and it felt right!! It's a name that lends itself to a cinematic audio and visual experience!

How did you find being a judge on Sky 1's Got to Dance this year?

Got to Dance is such an awesome opportunity to be a part of! The acts that have auditioned have been absolutely amazing this year!!

I read that you started dancing when you were seven, was that always what you wanted to do when you were younger?

Dance was my first passion in life and everything I dreamed of as a kid!

What can we expect from Her Majesty and The Wolves in the future?

Audio and Visual stories inspired by our lives through infectious beats, beautiful melodies and a fresh perspective.

Do you have any other plans up your sleeve?

I plan on releasing an epic Her Majesty and the Wolves album, an all natural makeup line called BM Beauty on BMBeauty.com, and doing my best to give back to the dance world on Got to Dance and Live to Dance in the States!


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Kimberly on 'Something For The Weekend'



Huge thanks to Matt & PCDworld.co.uk for recording this and uploading it :)

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HMATW party in Whisky Mist

Thanks to Joe (LABD) for adding pics on Facebook!


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MTV meets... Her Majesty & The Wolves

Kimberly Wyatt may have left the Pussycat Dolls behind her, but the 28-year old performer is about to embark on a new journey with her latest venture, Her Majesty & The Wolves.

Wyatt, who has previously worked with UK rapper, Aggro Santos, has teamed up with former Jupiter Rising member, Spencer Nezey, and MTV UK caught up with the duo to find out all about the project…

For those who aren’t familiar with Her Majesty & The Wolves, what can you tell us about the project?

Kimberly: Her Majesty & The Wolves is just a very exciting adventure for Spencer and I. I left the Dolls and was just searching for my next musical project and I met Spencer who’s an absolutely genius for everything that he’s brought to the plate of Her Majesty & The Wolves. It’s become a very conceptual album filled with incredible music with many different flavours and feelings and we’re just excited to be here and to be promoting our first single Stars In Your Eyes. We are excited for the adventure to begin.

How did the name Her Majesty & The Wolves come about?

Spencer: The name came from a concept that we knew we wanted to do something really cool and something big, kinda how Wu Tang Clan did something but not Wu Tang Clan, that sort of concept, like the Gorillaz. I came up with Her Majesty and I was playing around with this stuff and I have another friend who is really creative and we were hiking in Los Angeles and he kept saying we should do this thing with The Wolves. We kept going back and forth with it. Towards the end I was like, it makes sense as we wanted something cool and edgy but something soft at the same time. I told Kim and thought it would be a good idea.

You are best known for being in the Pussycat Dolls, how does the music you are making now compare to your previous material?

K: It’s hard to compare our music to the Dolls because it’s like apples and oranges really. I think that the flavours that we pull from are much different from the Dolls. We send our respects and love to the pop world and we have our songs like Stars In Your Eyes, but we are playing with others sounds aswell like dustep kind of flavours and Deadmau5, Calvin Harris type sounds. We are pulling from both worlds to hopefully creating something new and fresh.

Are you hoping to take your fans from PCD on this journey with you aswell?

K: I certainly hope to take my fans with me, you cant really do music without the fans, everyone’s gotta love it. I understand that some of the PCD fans aren’t going to love Her Majesty & The Wolves, what we are doing and our music but I hope to reach out to people that are going to jump on board and be interested.

How are you finding being in a duo compared to a group? What's it like working together?

S: I think we use this word all the time but it's organic, it’s natural and easy when you’re working with someone who is a professional and a cool person. Life is not too hard as far as this collaboration has gone so far.

K: I think we are just constantly bringing out the best in each other and I have the most trusted partner I could ever have, who brings a lot to the table, and I hope to bring a lot to the table too. Together we are just hoping to take over.

Seeing as you were in a girlband before, do you miss the girls and are you still in touch?

K: I love the girls, I do miss them. I see them every now and again we are all kind of finding ourselves within our own individual ambitions and I’m always very supportive and they are supportive of me. I brought Ashley, who was in the group with me, we were friends even before the Dolls and she came on board and did some choreography for Stars In Your Eyes and was in the video with me. I’m looking for ways to collaborate and stay in touch because I love performing with them and if it makes sense, we will definitely continue to work together.

The single is more of a dance track, do you think it is an accurate representation of what we can expect from your album?

K: I think it’s an introduction to our album, Stars In Your Eyes, it’s kind of just that beginning flavour of what to expect with everything else on the album, each song has a different feeling and message, the sounds are incredible, like playing with the dubstep sounds, which I am so excited about. I think that there’s a lot of new stuff.

S: There is a lot of good music. It’s all dance music but Stars In Your Eyes is kind of an introduction and at least opens the gates for people, to open their ears to something different, and not what you are used to. It will grow on you, it’s good stuff.

Your mentioned already that you like Calvin Harris and we read that you are inspired by Florence and the Machine, Empire of the Sun and Ladyhawke, will this be represented on your future LP?

K: I think that there is a lot of inspiration from all of those people, both of our interests are quite similar.

S: There is a combination of electronic music, like programme music and there is a good partnership with all the musicians that came in. We have like live strings, guitar players, keyboard players and everything. We still recorded the album traditionally but programmed new stuff as well, so it was cool.

Are there surprises on the album or any collaborations you can tell us about?

S: Well the producers are some of the people that did our remixes, those are cool collaborations like Sidney Samson did a remix of Stars In Your Eyes, Rocksonics did a remix of Glaciers and there is some other stuff floating around. Not so much as a traditional collaboration, but I like what they did with out music.

The video for the track reminded us of something from Tron Legacy, did you have much input? What was the concept behind it?

K: We definitely didn’t go into making Stars In Your Eyes thinking that we were going to make a Tron video, that just kind of happened. We met this guy, Justin Harder, who directed the video, and he is just so creative and he has a team that does aftereffects and we shot everything with a green-screen. We put a lot of trust into Justin with and what he could do with the computer and his software. Once we saw the outcome, I think we really served our purpose in creating a new world, kind of a new experience, like an introduction of what we always want to create, like a world for people to get lost in. I guess it is Tron like, but that wasn’t done intentionally.

Kimberly, after coming from such a successful girlband, do you feel pressure for Her Majesty & The Wolves to be as/more successful than PCD?

K: I don’t think I feel pressure directly because of that, I feel pressure because I’m an artist and I want to do my absolute best. You only feel as much pressure as what you put on yourself and I want to continue to grow and get better. I have visions in my head and I want to make them happen so it’s more pressure to live up to the visions I see in my head really.

Finally, what’s next for Her Majesty & The Wolves?

S: We are doing Kim’s show (Got To Dance) in February and we have got some shows coming up around that time, then hopefully touring in March for a while and coming back here (to the UK) for a while.

K: As long as the fans love it and we get a lot of support, we have huge and big hopes for Her Majesty & The Wolves. We want to create huge shows with lots of production and lights and really just create experiences. We want to create musical experiences that people can come and get lost in and that’s what we are really focused on and allowing it to happen organically.

Keep it MTV.co.uk for more from our Her Majesty & The Wolves interview, where Kimberly tells us what she really thinks of Nicole Scherzinger!

Watch MTV News on the hour every hour including our extended 4pm bulletin everyday on MTV (Sky 350, Virgin 311)

By Joanne Dorken


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Kim's interview with Gaydarradio

Kimberly Wyatt rose to fame as a member of girl group The Pussycat Dolls, but left to pursue solo projects. She released a top five single, ‘Candy’, with rapper Aggro Santos and became a judge on Sky 1's dance show Got to Dance alongside Adam Garcia and Diversity's Ashley Banjo.

She is now set to release the single ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ with her new band Her Majesty and the Wolves. Here, she talks about being free to do her own thing and her famous leg stretch dance move.

How're your solo career and Her Majesty and the Wolves, your band with Spencer Nezey, going?
It's been absolutely amazing, it's just such a freedom to be creatively self-expressed and to be able to not only write songs, but sing them, and to be the one in charge of how I present myself, what I have to say, how I look. I really enjoy it.

And to have a partner like Spencer - Spencer is so talented, he's one of the most talented people I know. His beats are really incredible, we really speak the same language when it comes to our music likes and our interests, and it's just fun to come up with a concept like Her Majesty and the Wolves which is just limitless with ideas, and to see our little baby come to life and watch it grow.

Do you feel happier now you're doing your own thing?
I feel free. I'm very happy. I feel like you have one life to live and being self-expressed is such a huge priority that I take quite seriously in my life. If I'm not growing then I'm not happy and this project gives me a chance to grow in so many ways.

It's challenging, I feel like I get personal victories every day from just trying new things and facing things that maybe don't feel quite as natural but just going for it and putting my heart and soul into Her Majesty and the Wolves.

Was it nice working with your Pussycat Dolls band mate Ashley Roberts again in the video for ‘Stars in Your Eyes?
Yes, Ashley and I have been close friends for so long, even before the Dolls. When we were getting ready to do our first real video and our first real song I was thinking about choreography and she came in and I dug the choreography that she did. We're so used to being opposites on stage and pulling from each other's energy when we perform. I think that as we were getting ready to launch this project it just seemed right to have my friend there with me.

"It's just such a freedom to be creatively self-expressed and to be able to not only write songs, but sing them, and to be the one in charge of how I present myself, what I have to say, how I look."

And what's the next step for your solo career?
The next step is promoting the single ‘Stars in Your Eyes’, which comes out 10 January, and then it'll be on to the next single. It was interesting to do the green screen stuff in the video and see what people can do with after-effects. It takes really a lot of work to do the editing around them and I went into the studio to see them bringing this world to life.

How did you find this year's Got to Dance auditions?
This year's auditions have been absolutely incredible, I think we've seen an awareness of what the show's all about and what we're looking for. We've seen so much incredible talent and so many different genres of dance.

Have you spotted any potential winners?
I have to say, with the season being longer this year and having 28 semi-finalists, there are so many to choose from, but I do have my favourites. My favourites, coming from a dance background and my perspective on things, are usually different than what the public see.

The other judges say you're the one who tells it like it is and if someone's not very good you'll tell them. Do you agree?
I am, I try to be as honest as possible. I feel like with the amount of experience I have under my belt and coming all the way from Los Angeles to give my time to the contenders here, I have my 90 seconds to tell them what I think. I want to be as honest as possible and give them something to take away from their experience.

"I feel like I get personal victories every day from just trying new things and facing things that maybe don't feel quite as natural but just going for it and putting my heart and soul into Her Majesty and the Wolves."

How do you get on with your fellow judges?
I think we make an incredible team, we are genuinely good friends and have got to know each other over the course of doing the second season as well as the first. We honestly have such a good laugh the entire time that we're filming the show and the fact that we all come from different backgrounds and perspectives with dance means we all have something different to say, we see it from different views and, if we feel strongly about someone, we're not scared to speak our mind.

Do you have any other dream roles on stage or screen?
Well, I'm living my dream, really. I just love to be a part of the process and I think with Her Majesty and the Wolves the possibilities are endless - this could be a game, a stage show, couture, it could be a lot of different things, so I'm very focused on bringing music to new outlets.

And finally, how do you feel about your trademark dance move and the fact that your leg is so famous?
It's tough because it's inspired by some and criticised by others. But I've worked at being able to do that since I was seven years old, through a lot of ballet practice, so I'm very proud of the fact that my ballet basis of dancing is so famous.

'Stars in Your Eyes', the new single from Kimberly Wyatt and Her Majesty and the Wolves, is released on 10 January 2011. Find out more at www.hermajestyandthewolves.com



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Kimberly & Spencer leaving Mahiki club (London,January 6th)

Former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt and Spencer Nezey who have united to form "Her Majesty and the Wolves" outside Mahiki nightclub in London.(January 6, 2011 - Photo by PacificCoastNews.com)



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imberly Wyatt was The Pussycat Doll who graduated from dancing on cruise ships to superstardom with the group. During their seven-year career she remained more celebrated for dancing than singing, so it was hardly surprising that when it came to launching a career away from the group she needed assistance. And it was when friends introduced Wyatt to producer, MC and songwriter Spencer Nezey that the concept for their new outfit Her Majesty & The Wolves began to take shape.

"I wanted to have a name that was really conceptual and big like Florence + The Machine," says Kimberly, 28. "We needed something to snare people's interest. I turned up one day and Spencer had the name. When he said it I saw this Tim Burtonesque cartoon in my head that would really be fun to play with.

"We really clicked musically and decided it would be cool to hook up and do something new and fresh. Spencer is into the DJ world which is something I'm very interested in."

Kimberly was the first to leave the Dolls' house and it wasn't a move she took lightly.

"It was the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life," she admits. "I was living the dream but I still wasn't super satisfied or happy. I knew I had to change my situation or change myself.

"It became apparent I was never going to be able to grow creatively any more. It was hard trying to figure out who I was after that. The band had been my identity for seven years - it was a lot to let go of.

All I could do was listen to my heart. That led to Spencer and being as creative as possible." The material they've come up digs deep into Kimberley's personality.

"It's so extremely personal and vulnerable," she explains. "It's an array of emotions and perspectives from both of our lives."

Very different then to The Dolls?

"It was a machine," Kim admits. "I was so proud be a part of it. It was the best bootcamp I ever coul have in the music industry, but as far as creativity, writing and singing was concerned, I just wasn't a part of it." Did she feel others in the band hogged the limelight?

"The Dolls wasn't really a collaboration. I knew what my duty was when I went to work and I did it to the best of my ability. But there was a whole other side of me that wanted to write songs, sing, choreograph and draw up costumes. I feel superfree doing it and I have to feel that way."

Kimberly hopes Her Majesty & The Wolves has the potential to go beyond music and dance.

"I'm really inspired by all the insane graphics coming out of the videogame world," she says. "I'd love to do a Her Majesty video game. It would be cool to do all the music for it. Maybe an animated movie too."

Kimberly has high hopes for the new single Stars In Your Eyes.

"It's about the sort of vibe you feel when you go out," she explains. "When I was writing it I was trying to think about what inspires me when I go out, which is dancing. Who doesn't love to dance and have fun?"

Previously, Kimberly revealed she was molested as a child and was the victim of an attempted rape while working as a dancer on a cruise ship. She also said her parents had not helped her deal with the attacks.

"I came to a point in my life where I discussed it with them and that was when we began to build bridges," she says. "Since then we've built a new relationship, the best that we can have. It was a tough situation to get over. The lesson was that nobody is perfect.

"It was a tough situation to get over but you come to terms, move on and love with a compassionate heart. That's a lot of work but it leads to a better life.

I can't live as a victim. In The Pussycat Dolls we really helped each other through a lot of things to find strength, happiness and self-worth. "You have to dream. I want to love life and forming Her Majesty & The Wolves was what I had to do in order to do that."

Stars In Your Eyes
is out on Monday.


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Kimberly & Spencer about HMATW

Kimberly and Spencer talking about HMATW,how did they come up with the name and about Stars In Your Eyes :)


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Join Kimberly & Kaya's Flashmob at Westfield

Kaya will be leading a Natural Beauty flashmob this Saturday (January 8) at London’s Westfield Shopping Centre, filmed for the T4 Battlefront TV show, and she’d love YOU to get involved.

With the assistance of ex-Pussycat Doll and ‘Got To Dance TV Judge, Kimberly Wyatt, Kaya will be launching her Real Images Real People logo at the London shopping centre with a gang of Natural Beauty supporters and of course the T4 film crew.

Details of the natural-mob are still top secret, but if you’d like to support Kaya’s campaign to promote positive body image, be on telly, and you’d like to be part of something very fun and exciting then get yourself down to Westfield at 3pm!

You can come and take part in the flash mob that Kimberly and Kaya are planning for January 8th 2011 at Westfield for T4!Contact Kaya and support her anti airbrushing campaign to at Battlefront.co.uk/kaya!


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Kimberly introducing BM Beauty

Stay tuned to BMbeauty.com - The site should be launched very soon as well as all the products.There will be tutorials that will teach you how to use all-natural make up range,and the stuff should be available to buy online!


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HMATW interview [Entertaiment Focus]

Kimberly Wyatt enjoyed her first taste of solo stardom after leaving the Pussycat Dolls with her 2010 Aggro Santos collaboration Candy. She also found a new career as a TV judge on the hit Sky One show Got To Dance which has just returned for its second season.

Keen to pursue a career in music, Kimberly has joined forces with producer, MC and songwriter Spencer Nezey to form new electro-pop band Her Majesty and the Wolves. The band's debut single Stars In Your Eyes is released on Monday 10th January.

We caught up with Kimberly and Spencer to find out more about the project, talk about life after the Pussycat Dolls and discuss working once again with former bandmate Ashley Roberts.

How are you today?

K: I feel good today! I feel accomplished, proud, and excited!

‘Stars In Your Eyes’ is your debut single. Tell us about it?

K: Stars In Your Eyes is our first single and an introduction to the Her Majesty and the Wolves world. It comes out on January 10th and I am really looking forward to getting on stage and sharing our trip with the rest of the world!! Stars in Your Eyes has an infectious beat and is a song I can see a lot of people dancing to!

S: SIYE is a good introduction to Her Majesty to the world. A preview to the world in which we have created through the album

Your former Pussycat Doll band mate Ashley Roberts is in the video. How did that come about?

K: My choice to have Ashley not only be in the video with me but also choreograph was my way of staying connected to a friend I developed even before the Dolls. I felt it only right to begin the next chapter/phase of my life with a friend I love and trust.

What can we expect from your debut album?

K: The Her Majesty and the Wolves album is filled with experiences, reflections, dreams, and ambitions with a message of truth from two different perspectives. It's an experience filled with magic fairy dust and infectious beats.

S: What you can expect from the album are a lot of peaks and valleys painted by progressive dance soundscapes.

After the Pussycat Dolls parted ways did you know you wanted to continue pursuing music?

K: Once I left the Dolls my whole world was turned upside down. I walked away from a successful machine that had become my identity over the past 7 years. Writing music and pouring my heart out into the microphone had become more of a hobby I did in my spare time. Once I was free to do whatever I want I followed my passions and it lead me to Spencer becoming Her Majesty and the Wolves and an album Im extremely proud of!!

The sound of Her Majesty and the Wolves is very different from what the Pussycat Dolls did. Was that a conscious decision on your part to do something different?

K: I guess you could say doing something different then the Pussycat Dolls was a conscious decision...my likes, loves, and interests in music have always been a bit different then what I was dancing to in PCD. Finding people/producers that grasped me, my influences, and what I wanted to do wasn't easy and it took time and a lot of work and travel. But my loves in music, my beliefs, and my ideas were honored, shared, and expanded when I met Spencer. We connected on many levels and I got to make music that I love and am inspired by because of him!

When can we see you playing live?

K: We will be playing live the first week of January!! First single, Stars in Your Eyes, comes out January 10th!!! Check out the video on the interweb!!

S: Very soon!!

You’re also returning for 'Got To Dance’s' second season. Are you excited?

K: I am very excited about the return of Got to Dance!!! The one promise I ever made to myself was always staying connected to the dance world. Dance was my first passion as an artist and being able to give back to the world that gave me so much is of great importance to me! The show feels like that outlet.

What artists are inspiring you at the moment?

K: Deadmau5, Ladyhawke, Florence and the Machine, Sia, Empire of the Sun, Imogen Heap, Kate Havnevik type vocals with some dubb step flavor is what inspires me!

S: all hip-hop artist from circa 93-96

What can we expect in 2011?

K: 2011 is a year of new beginnings!! Two TV shows, Got to Dance in the UK and Live to Dance in America, an all natural makeup line, BM Beauty, an inspirational blog/vlog site and store, BeautifulMovements.com, and Her Majesty and the Wolves, music, album, and Live SHOWS!!!

S: HMATW at lots of festivals all over the world!

'Stars In Your Eyes' is released on Monday 10th January 2010.



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Live To Dance - Episode 3 (Watch Online)

Only Kim's parts:

WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE - Credit: PCDworld.co.uk


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Live To Dance (Watch Full Episodes 1 & 2


Credit to PCDworld.co.uk.


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HMATW performance & interview - Lorraine (Daybreak)

HUGE credit to PCDworld.co.uk & Matt for recording it!

They were amazing! Incredible performance! :)


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HMATW on Lorraine! [PICS]

Performance will be online by the end of the day :)


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Got To Dance - Episode 1 & 2

Episodes 1 & 2 aired last night,you can watch them in full here:

Watch episode 1 HERE!

Watch episode 2 HERE!

Huge thanks to Matt & PCDworld!


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Stars In Your Eyes - BUY IT ON iTUNES!!!

Stars In Your Eyes was officially released today on iTunes! Even though it was reported that release date is January 10th,it was released today.So make sure to buy it and show your support to Her Majesty & The Wolves!

Buy it HERE.


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Pussycat Kim feline so feisty

EX-PUSSYCAT Doll Kimberly Wyatt is sharpening her claws for the new series of Got To Dance after being branded the show bitch.

The babe returns to the Sky1 competition tonight with Diversity king Ashley Banjo, Coyote Ugly star Adam Garcia as fellow judges and host Davina McCall.And the feisty vixen said she will come out fighting after being branded the bitchy ice queen.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday, a defiant Kimberly said: “The worst thing I heard was someone say I was a bitch.“I’ve also been branded an ice queen, which I think is the total opposite of who I really am.

“I’m there to be a judge and give my honest opinion. I’m not there to make friends or for everyone to love me.Sometimes I feel nasty that I have to shatter people’s dreams but I’m a realist and that’s why I’m there.I’m not going to change or do anything differently.”

Kimberly also revealed how some of the male competitors had wished their own girlfriends were as hot as her.The 28-year-old babe joked: “I have had a few date offers and even had a marriage proposal from some guy with a dummy ring. Luckily I didn’t have time to say yes or no.

“I don’t think my boyfriend would have been too happy about me accepting.”

Since filming the first series of Got To Dance, Kimberly’s former Pussycat Dolls bandmate Nicole Scherzinger has featured as a stand-in judge on The X Factor.And despite rumours of a bitter feud between the two, Kimberly said Nicole would make an excellent judge on the new American X Factor.

She added: “I was excited and proud to see Nicole on The X Factor.It was a huge show for her to be a part of and I do think she has a lot to offer being a judge on the American version.I think she represents herself in a beautiful way and she knows what she is talking about.”

This year’s lucky Got To Dance winner will take home a £250,000 cash prize.

The second series of the show starts tonight on Sky1 and Sky 1HD at 6pm.



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