Stars In Your Eyes - Official Single Cover

Official Stars In Your Eyes - Artwork was added on HMATW's soundcloud page!Check it out!

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New Got To Dance Promo-Shoot!

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See Davina and the judges like never before as they undergo a super transformation for the new Got To Dance campaign!

If last year taught us anything, it’s that where Got To Dance is concerned, anything goes. That’s why, for our latest campaign, we thought we’d do something pretty super with our power panel – and Davina, Adam, Kimberly and Ashley were only too happy to oblige!

From fiery fingertips to skin-tight leathers – take a look behind the scenes as our presenter and judges undergo a transformation that leaves them looking like you’ve never seen before!

Don’t forget you can also customise your computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablet or Smartphone with FREE Got To Dance wallpapers, showing our panel in their superhero state!

Check out behind-the-scenes video.

Download wallpapers HERE.

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New Kim's vlog!

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Stars In Your Eyes (Sidney Samson Remix)

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Gallery Update - New Phoot from HMATW photoshoot!

UPDATE: New photo from HMATW's first photoshoot!

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Stars In Your Eyes Lyrics

It's what you want
It's what you need
Get it started
I won't stop

Pre party at the crib
Get it in
Call a cab
Let the night begin
Swedish chicks
Model girls
Same song all around the world
Rent money spend it up tonight
And if you ain't drunk yet
You ain't doing it right
And I got a feeling I'm getting mine tonight
You and I ignite like dynamite
Hey young world keep it shining bright
Fresh as a feeling like you're drinking Sprite
Do the right thing like a man spike
So grab a glass cuz it's on tonight
Dumb fly kicks gold bottles of spade
This is the life when you know you've made
No waiting all laughing
Let's get this party happening

And then she said

It's what you want
It's what you need
Get it started
I won't stop until I see the sun

Stars in your eyes
We're goin' hard tonight
DJ play my song
This is the glamorous life
Closing out the bar until the end of the night
We're going hard tonight

Movement speaks through the beat feeling I'm electric
Silver moon shining through sitting so majestic
Breathing in the bright lights
Cinderella all night
Flying in my fairy tale will take you higher

And then she said

It's what you want
It's what you need
Get it started
I won't stop until I see the sun

Stars in your eyes
We're goin' hard tonight
DJ play my song
This is the glamorous life
Closing out the bar until the end of the night
We're goin' hard tonight

Meet me in the clouds at the top of the Coliseum
A private serenade between you and I
The moon is coming out to catch a glimpse of the twilight
A never ending story by you and I
Draw circles round the world
Feel the wind in my hair
Beyond the universe we can go anywhere
Take a fast ride on a shooting star
A little piece of heaven wherever we are


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Kimberly @ Launch of The Michael Jackson Experience

Others in attendance included X Factor gang AIDEN GRIMSHAW, KONNIE HUQ and BRIAN FRIEDMAN, and former PUSSYCAT DOLLS singer KIMBERLY WYATT


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Kimberly on Radio 1xtra!

Max caught up with ex Pussycat Dolls Kimberley Wyatt they spoke about I'm A Celebrity, X Factor & Kimberley being a judge on Got To Dance.. What does Kimberley think of Davina McCall?

Credit for the videos: AshleyRobertsTM

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Stars In Your Eyes - Single Review by IHOUSEU

Since quitting the multi-million selling girl group Pussycat Dolls, singer-songwriter, dancer and choreographer Kimberly Wyatt has been busy.

In January of this year Kimberly was one of the three judges, alongside host Davina McCall, on Sky 1’s hit show ‘Got to Dance’. Shortly afterward, Kimberly made her musical solo debut featuring on the Aggro Santos dance anthem ‘Candy’, which reached no. 5 in the UK charts and was the lead track for summer blockbuster StreetDance 3D.

Now Kimberly has teamed up with former Jupiter Rising member, producer, MC and songwriter Spencer Nezey, to form electro-pop outfit Her Majesty & The Wolves.

Kimberly and Spencer met while she was working with a range of different producers to develop her own solo sound. They immediately connected through their similar take on musical influences and their shared passion for electro and dance. They set out to create a fresh outlook on dance-influenced pop music. And so, Her Majesty & The Wolves was born.

For the past 6 months Her Majesty & The Wolves have been working diligently on their debut album, due for release in 2011. Already, leaked album track ‘Glaciers’ (available as a free download now from Her Majesty & The Wolves’ website) is making major waves in the blog world and on fan sites.

The first official single release from Her Majesty & The Wolves will be ‘Stars In Your Eyes’. A melting pot of dance music influences, ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ combines dirty electro grooves reminiscent of Calvin Harris’ ‘Dance With Me’, with infectious melodies and hooks that would be at home on any David Guetta release. The result? An electro-pop crossover anthem that will sit as comfortably on mainstream radio playlists as it will on the dance floors of clubs nationwide.

Check out the new video from Kimberly Wyatt's new dance music project Her Majesty and The Wolves now!

Her Majesty & The Wolves’ ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ will be released on 10th January by Chime Entertainment/Faux Entertainment/PIAS.


It looks like they have a new release date and that is January 10th,not January 3rd as it was stated before.

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Kimberly - BM Beaty Promo-shoot!

Beside the one Kim posted on facebook,the new ones leaked! Kimberly looks stunning as always. Credit to the photographer Joseph Sinclair!

You can also check our gallery (with those pics) on Facebook. CLICK HERE!


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Got To Dance - New Promo-Shoot & Info!

Got To Dance official site was updated with new article about Kim together with new promo-shoot!

(click on photo for full size)

Last year, international popstar Kimberly Wyatt shared her extensive knowledge of dance on Sky1 HD’s Got To Dance – now it’s time for thousands more hopefuls to benefit from her expertise as she resumes her role as a judge on the second series.

Kimberly has spent the last five years dominating the charts and dancing on stage at sell out concerts around the world with former group The Pussycat Dolls. She’s sold millions of albums, won VMA Moon Men for Best Dancing in a Video and Best Dance Video and worked with the likes of Missy Elliot, Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes.

A Star Is Born
Originally from Warrensburg, Missouri, Kimberly found her dancing feet at the tender age of seven. Winning many regional titles for Miss Dance of America, she was awarded scholarships to train at the Joffrey Ballet, Broadway Dance Centre, and Steps on Broadway in New York City before her big break came in 2003 when Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin asked her to join the group.

What's New Pussycat?
Since leaving The Pussycat Dolls in early 2010, Kimberly embarked on a solo career and rode high in the top five of the UK singles chart with rapper Aggro Santos, supplying the vocals on his smash hit Candy.

On top of singing and sharing her knowledge of dance as a judge on Sky1’s Got To Dance, Kimberly also has has her own online lifestyle channel called Beautiful Movements and recently teamed up with former Jupiter Rising member Spencer Nezey for her new project, Her Majesty and the Wolves.

Supporting The Cause
In addition, Kimberly is an avid supporter of RAINN, the largest anti-sexual assault programme and has raised over $5,000 for their online hotline.

Be sure to join Kimberly every step of the way as she decides which act will receive the biggest cash prize a talent show has ever seen, a quarter of a million pounds – Sunday’s, Sky1 HD from 7pm.

You can also keep up with Kimberly’s movements on Twitter, follow her @kimberlykwyatt.


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HMATW on Ustream!

HUGE thanks to xTeamWyattx for recording and uploading HMATW ustream on YouTube!


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'Stars In Your Eyes' Music Video!!!

Music video for 'Stars In Your Eyes' directed by Justin Harder premiered today on

AS a member of the PUSSYCAT DOLLS KIMBERLEY WYATT was used to being classed as eye candy.

So fair play to her for using that to her advantage.

The stunning singer is now part of oddly-named dance outfit HER MAJESTY AND THE WOLVES.

And they've been kind enough to give Biz an exclusive peak of their new video.

The promo for Stars In Your Eyes sees Kimberley in a strange world populated by Tron-esque characters, with clocks dotted around the place.

Kimberley looks great, as expected, and partner SPENCER NEZEY supplies the male vocals.

It sounds like a mix of SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA and CALVIN HARRIS, which is not a bad thing at all.

This will be filling dancefloors across the country when it's released in the new year.


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Glaciers (Roksonix Remix) available on UK iTunes NOW!

Roksonix Remix of Glaciers is now officially released on UK iTunes.Make sure to purchase it and show your support! You can buy it: HERE!

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Gallery Update: Kim & Spencer leaving X-Factor

2 new pics of Kimberly and Spencer leaving X-Factor studio.(October 10th.)

Check out our gallery on facebook: CLICK HERE!


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New blog on BM ~ 'Fireflies!!!'


Maintaining the constant give and flow of the everflowing chi seems to be the lesson in all lifes challenges. Bouncing from the energies battling around me I walk with eyes wide open and a gratefule smile on my face. Every gift is a lesson in teaching me to deal with myself placed in a colorful world of poetic magic. Los Angeles is where dreams come true like magical fireflies erupting in bright beautiful balls of white light. My childhood dreams are filled with my reality. How cool is that!?

Finding signs magically turning fear to trust in me, I walk through Sheperds Bush. Caught by surprise in a world embracing me. Every dream needs a reality check. So when darkness falls I'm reminded of my mortality. A precious lesson I fight to never loose. Spirituality grounds me to this world I'm in. Bouncing from personality to influence to sanity, the balance is ever so important.

Home I go to grow and embrace this person that I'm in. Embracing honesty and passion for the life I chose to be in. Waking up happy for the quality I aspired to acquire. I'm pushing forward with new dreams of beautiful realities I can inspire.

Check it out on Beautiful Movements and make sure to leave a comment for Kim! :)


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